What type of wallet should a man have?

Two Different types of wallets

A man should have a good quality genuine leather wallet that should possess the capability of carrying all types of currencies. It is suitable to have a design which has cardholders for the debit and credit cards, coin pocket for the coins, and sections for the cash.

Furthermore, based on the specific requirements, there are various types of designs available in leather wallets. But the most important thing is that the wallet should be of high quality and genuine leather.

A lot of people focus more on the type of design of the wallet. But let us first know why it is equally important to focus on the material used, leather quality, and originality. 

Once we firmly make our mind on the quality, then we can go for various designs based on the specific requirements.

We know that there are a plethora of wallets out there in the market claiming to be genuine leather. But one should be able to distinguish between fake and original one before making a purchase decision.

There is an immense difference in having a genuine leather wallet in comparison with a fake one. Genuine leather lasts longer, ages gracefully, and develops unique retro pattern overtime.

On the other hand, fake leather has a much shorter lifespan. In artificial leather, the original color may get fade away and feels extremely uncomfortable.

In terms of cost, genuine leather wallets are a bit expensive when compared to a faux one. Any wallet with a low price claiming genuine leather could be faking it.

When it comes to the wallet’s style, a general notion is genuine leather wallets are exclusively available in a classic old design. However, it’s completely untrue. Most of the wallet types are available in leather. 

Traditionally, leather wallets are made using soft tanned leather, which provides a soft feel to it when you carry the wallet. It is also very adaptable and comfortably fits in your pocket.

Therefore, it is very much advisable that whatever design you may go for, it is essential to make sure the wallet is genuine leather and of good quality.

Bi-fold Leather Wallet (Best Wallet Design)

Among various types of wallet designs, we highly recommend buying a bi-fold style wallet. Most of the men naturally prefer having one bi-fold wallet due to its remarkable resemblance with a conventional classic design.

It is not only easy to carry one but also spacious enough to hold all your daily essentials.

Bi-fold wallets have their own space in the market. The much-promoted cardholders cannot ever replace a bi-fold wallet design.

There are many types of Bi-fold wallet designs, below mentioned are a few of them:

  • A classic bi-fold wallet
  • Bi-fold wallets with cardholders.
  • Bi-fold wallets with cardholders and coin pocket
  • Bi-fold wallets with money clip and cardholders (minimalist wallet).

Let us briefly go through these bi-fold wallets and their helpful specs.

A classic bi-fold wallet

Classic bi-fold wallets are one of the earliest wallets used to keep the bank notes folded vertically. The banknotes are much safer in the wallet than in your pocket.

The chances of notes getting torn are much less in a bi-fold wallet.

The main difference lately is that the bi-fold wallets which were manufactured earlier used to be big and with bulky designs. Although they helped carry lots of cash in it the design was not much appealing.

In today’s times’ people desire to move on to the wallets with fewer weights and sleek designs. Accordingly, the wallet’s manufacturers have reintroduced the classic bi-fold wallets by shredding all the extra size and shape.

Along with cash payments the world was has moved to cashless payment methods using debit/credit cards. There are millions of users worldwide using debit and credit cards.

With the increase in these payment methods, there is an obvious necessity of keeping cards in the wallets. This takes us to the other type of bi-fold wallet.

Bi-fold wallets with cardholders

A bi-fold wallet with cardholders typically can hold min six cards on each side of the wallet. Along with the main sections for keeping the cash two additional secret sections are having extra space for two additional cards.

A total of eight cards can securely fit in a bi-fold leather wallet with cardholders.

This type of wallet is suitable for a businessman carrying lots of visiting cards or for someone who is having multiple bank credit and debit cards. 

It depends on the requirement of an individual to purchase a bi-fold wallet with cardholders which has the space for this much amount of cards.

However, on average a man usually does not have more than one bank account or two. In rare cases, few men have exceptional necessities to carry eight or more than eight cards at a time. 

This takes us to the most popular and best of all designs.

Bi-fold wallets with cardholders and coin pocket

Bi-fold wallets with cardholders were already an overwhelming design for most of the consumers. Adding a coin pocket to it made it extremely helpful for the people. 

Especially in countries where the currencies are also available in coins.

When a coin pocket is added to a bi-fold wallet, one section is completely dedicated to the coins eating away the extra space for cards. As we have mentioned above men hardly utilize the cardholder’s only wallet to its full capacity.

That is why we say, that the leather bi-fold wallet with coin pocket is a complete package one can get in a wallet.

The bi-fold leather wallets with a coin pocket and a button lock give extra premium security for the coins to be safe. In many leather wallets with coin pockets either open or with just a flap, the coins are most likely to fall out.

Bi-fold wallets with money clip and cardholders (minimalist wallet)

These are the latest version or styles of bi-fold leather wallets. Some come along with coin holding capacity and with some with cards only.

The Bi-fold leather wallets with money clips replace the cash sections with cardholders, which massively increase the ability of the wallet to carry more cards.

A bi-fold wallet with money clip normally has the space to carry ten to fifteen bills and twelve to twenty cards.

It can be said that these wallets are the modified and a slim version of bi-fold wallets with cardholders only. This is certainly the best option to choose from than the old version of it.

Some of the cool minimalist wallets also come with space to carry coins, either with a coin tray, or a coin pocket. Although we cannot assure if the coins are secure enough to stay and not fall off. 

Yet, the appealing design of these types of wallets are attracting more consumers.


The main objective behind purchasing a wallet is to keep your daily essentials, cash, cards, and coins safe and secure. In addition to that, one would love having a wallet that also looks amazing, slim, and not bulky.

The best wallet in our opinion is a bi-fold wallet with cardholders and a coin pocket. This design gives you the complete flexibility to carry all your fundamentals including cash, cards, and coins as well.

Keeping the slim design in mind, we strongly suggest not overloading your wallet over its capacity. 

Stuffing the wallet with any type of design be it a minimalist wallet will make it bulky and uncomfortable to carry in your pants. This may also affect the overall shape and durability of the wallet.

So which wallet design are you going to buy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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