How to organize your wallet? – 7 easy and effective tips.

Evalgo Wallet - How to organize your wallet

Organizing your wallet will help you to use it more efficiently and keep things simple. It can be super helpful to keep your banknotes and cards undamaged and in good condition.

A simple way to keep your wallet organized is to keep it clean, minimize its contents, and store it appropriately.

An organized wallet appears more stylish and sleek in design.

The longer you procrastinate in organizing your wallet, the harder it becomes. So, instantly start to arrange the things right away.

Here in this article, we will comprehensively discuss how you can organize your wallet and will share 7 easy and effective tips to do so.

1) Choose the right wallet type.

Depending on the country you live in, the type of currencies you have. The first step would be to choose the right wallet type that can accommodate your type of currency.

Generally, most countries print banknotes and issue debit and credit cards for cashless payments. And some countries also have coin currency for small change.

Therefore, subject to the currency size and type, you should choose the right wallet in the beginning.

Assuming your place has both the cash and coin currency. We recommend purchasing a bi-fold wallet with cardholders and coin pockets. In case you don’t need a coin pouch you can go for a bi-fold wallet without it.

A bi-fold wallet design is most suitable to keep your wallet organized. You can check our blog regarding the best type of wallet a man can have for a more detailed guide.

Let us move on to the next tip.

2) Minimize your wallet.

As we have mentioned above, minimizing your wallet makes it easier to manage and organize. An overstuffed wallet will make you lazier to clean it up.

So, cut the fat. Slim down your wallet.

We have a habit of storing everything in the wallet. Over time we store so much in the wallet that it becomes heavy and bulky.

Not only that, due to its extra storage, important items such as debit/credit cards may get damaged.

Run an audit through your wallet. You may be surprised to find items that you may have already forgotten.

An easy way to minimize your wallet is to empty it first.

Keep all the items aside and rethink if you need those in your wallet. Properly rearrange the things.

Try to carry minimum cash. Remove unnecessary cards. Keep the one which is used most frequently.

Here is how a minimized and organized wallet will look like

Organized wallet

3) Use dedicated slots for cash and cards

Yes, you heard that right. Maybe you don’t, but some folks randomly stuff the wallet as they like.

It does not work that way. The tip here is to use dedicated slots for cash and cards.

It will not only help you take out the cards and cash smoothly at the supermarket but also prevent your cards and cash from getting damaged.

It is also important not to insert two cards in the one card slot. It can damage your card or may erase the print.

4) Use a coin pocket to keep the coins.

This tip is useful for those who randomly throw up the coins in the cash sections.

If you have a coin pocket in the wallet, use it. Try to keep it as less as possible and avoid overloading the pouch with coins.

It will make your wallet overall bulky and uncomfortable to carry.

We know many of us don’t like coins in our wallets. But you cannot ignore it completely. When you have no other option but to keep it, keep it in the dedicated coin pocket.

A coin pocket with a button or lock or with a zipper will be more helpful in organizing the wallet.

5) Keep the most frequently used cards in front.

When you rearrange the items in your wallet, it is vital to keep the most frequently used cards like id cards, access cards in the front.

It will not disturb other cards when we pull them out from the wallet.

You may have noticed this thing happening before; someone when trying to pull out a card from the wallet unexpectedly cards which are close to it may fell off the wallet.

Isolate the most used cards in the front card slot. In case you do not have a bi-fold wallet, isolate it in any card slot from where you can pull it out without disturbing other cards

6) Arrange your cash in ascending order

Imagine if you have to pay in cash, will you take out all of it and count it before paying? Well, that might not be a good practice.

Arranging your cash in ascending order is an excellent tip, especially to organize the cash in your wallet.

Count the cash in advance before you insert it into the wallet. Arrange all the big notes in the back and small in the front.

Carry only a few cash so that you can remember the actual amount in your wallet and can count it inside it.

7) Repeat the process.

This tip is the key to maintain your wallet organized. By following all the above tips, if you again get back to your old style of using the wallet all the efforts will go in vain.

Remember to repeat the process.

Periodically check the wallet for all the above tips. It will help you to maintain your wallet arrangement and keep it stylish for a longer time.

The key takeaway in this tip is not to redo the process. Instead, do it periodically, at least once a month, so that you do not have to do it from scratch.


In conclusion, we would like to say that the main objective here is to keep yourself organized by keeping your wallet well organized.

A wallet is an accessory which you use regularly. It contains all your daily essentials that are including the items such as your money and identification cards etc.

Hence, it is critical to keep it organized to keep things on track and to decrease the chances of losing or damaging your vital necessities.

By following the above 7 tips, you can very easily and effectively organize your wallet. It is good practice to follow all the 7 tips to organize your wallet, But at the bare minimum tip, 1,2, and 7 can do your work.

So which of the above tips you find to be more useful? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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