How many wallets should a man have?

In most cases, a man should have one primary wallet which should contain his essential belongings. It is vital for him to keep those necessities handy which are more frequently used in his day to day life.

Whereas on the other hand buying a couple of more wallets is completely optional and depends on one’s choice and his personal requirements.

Most of the men already own a wallet and may plan to acquire a new one. I am sure you can relate to that. But there is a big pause! Wondering why would one need more than one wallet? What could be the most possible reasons to go for an extra one?

We hope by the end of this article you could come to a conclusion and have clarity for the same.

Let’s dive in.

Additional Requirement (Surplus Cards and Cash):

Imagine someone who travels a lot or someone having a dual residency; inevitably he will have multiple driving licenses, ID cards, more cash, and credit/debit cards to carry along.

There comes the demand to carry an extra wallet with him around the clock.

A frequent traveler can misplace any item while shifting it from one wallet to another. Surely nobody wants to lose any of their important items especially when it comes to cards and cash.

Therefore, if you have an additional requirement, you should definitely have an extra wallet. After all, we don’t want you to lose anything.

Being Fashionable (Men's Fashion)

Before we jump into why keeping multiple wallets might be fashionable, let us see some statistics related to Men’s Fashion.

This industry has always experienced growth proportionally to the growing fashion interest in men. 

According to a 2014 survey published on Statista, alone in the United States men’s accessories industry (bags, small leather goods, and luggage) was worth 3.67 billion USD.

Graph representing Mens Fashion Industry; Source: www.statista.com

Having said that, nowadays individuals prefer more options rather than sticking onto one, to appear more fashionable and stylish they are going for more wallet designs and colors. 

They are very selective especially when it comes to a specific occasion or an outfit.

We have directly experienced repeat purchases for variations of our wallets. Some customers who buy a Brown Wallet also re-order a Blue Wallet.

First Impressions (Presentable)

Effectively here is how a wallet can create a good first impression. As you may have already heard this many times before, first impressions last forever. 

It is a well-known fact that good impressions communicate positively and may establish persuasive and solid communication.

Assume if you are going to a business lunch with your client or a colleague; in that entire tidy and well-dressed attire wouldn’t it be a little awkward to pull out a fancy wallet. 

Well for some it might not matter at all, while there are a group of Men with a perspective of keeping multiple wallets for different occasions.

No wonder why customers are searching with key terms formal wallet or casual wallet before purchasing.

Collection (Art)

A person pursuing a hobby of collecting various wallets is more likely to purchase multiple types of wallets to maintain their collection. 

People of this personality typically focus on leather wallets of numerous leathers and designs. The reason is that a genuine leather wallet age gracefully and develops a firm texture and soft finish.

On the other hand, some people would like to collect even non-leather wallets made of fabric.

If you pursue such a hobby, you have a compelling reason to buy more wallets of various types. You should definitely go for it.


In regards to the number of wallets, a man can have. We have stated above that one wallet is a must and also mentioned some of the reasons why would one need more than one wallet.

When it comes to the basics, we all know storing your valuables is the most critical thing. 

Hence, if you should buy a primary wallet, it is very advisable to focus on buying good quality and better shape. So that it fits better in your pocket and lasts with you for a longer time.

And if you are planning to buy an additional wallet, depending on your preference you can go for distinctive variations. But make sure you never compromise on the quality.

What is your reason to buy an extra wallet? We would love to hear from you, leave your comments below.

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