Here’s how to organize your money during pandemic.

evalgo wallet with cash

Organizing your money and keeping it safe is very important during this pandemic, but first let us understand which one of these should we focus on, cash or cards? 

Even in the most urban areas of the state, small vegetable vendors, local shops around are not yet prepared to accept digital payments. According to a post in Financial Express corona virus fear makes people stack more cash in lockdown.

Although, cashless payment is encouraged and promoted widely, it will not be convenient for everyone to immediately grab onto the digital world.

So, having more paper money around and storing it can be a trouble sometimes, the chances of damaging notes will be much increased, which is why people tend to opt for another option and use credit/debit cards for the transactions despite the cash demand.

Let us discuss why it is also important to organize your digital modes of money as well.

Are you still using your old wallet which you bought from your first salary? It’s time to replace it with a new one. I am sure you can relate to us, torn notes, bend cards are mostly the result of your old wallets and its incapability of arranging your cash and cards safely.

Replacing your credit/debit card can be a lot of pain especially during pandemic situations, due to closures and irregular timings of the banks the replacement could delay more. And it cannot get worst when your card is not readable.

How Evalgo® Wallets can solve your problems?

Sorting out your cash and cards in the new Evalgo® wallet can be more hassle free than your old wallet. Maintaining big bags, storage cans, and using bare pockets makes your money more detrimental.


Softness of Evalgo® wallets will make sure that your notes and cards are safe


Spacious card slots with soft inner lining is a perfect space for the cards to be


Additional coin pocket with safe lock will keep your coins away from the cash

Don’t keep your self waiting ! gift yourself the amazing Evalgo® wallet.

You will receive the luxurious wallet sealed in a smooth rigid box.
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