6 simple tests to identify genuine leather

From hundreds of leather products out there it is very difficult for someone to differentiate between a genuine leather and synthetic leather.

By the end of this post you will discover how to identify a genuine leather. 

Genuine leather products usually are a bit expensive comparatively with synthetic leather. Manufactures of faux leather are daily mastering the techniques to replicate genuine leather and reduce the manufacturing costs.

We've listed here six amazing facts to help you distinguish between genuine and fake leather

1) Closely observe for the Imperfect surface.

2) Press the leather to check for creases and wrinkles.

3) Smell the leather, fake leather smells like plastic or chemicals.

4) Do a water test, genuine leather absorbs moisture same as your skin does.

5) Do a fire test, real leather darkens slightly and smells somewhat like a burnt hair

6) Genuine leather products are generally expensive.

From hundreds of leather products out there it is very difficult for someone to differentiate between a genuine leather and synthetic leather

Guess what? we’ve tested all the above techniques on Evalgo® genuine leather wallet only for you.

Let us demonstrate them for you one by one.

Imperfect surface

Did you noticed that raw surface with minor imperfection. Yes, If the surface is imperfect, Its genuine leather. 

Since genuine leather comes from an animal skin It has this sort of pattern

Its perfect when its imperfect. 

Unlike the synthetic leather which has a consistent pattern.

Picture of the surface of genuine leather wallet
Creases and Wrinkles
Image of testing genuine leather

When you press the leather the creases and wrinkles can be seen.  Genuine leather will wrinkle under tough pressure similarly like a skin.

Where as, the synthetic leather would retain the shape of the object through which the pressure is applied.

Smell the Leather

As per the article on wikiHow, It suggests to smell the leather. Smell and look for natural, musty smell.

The fake leather instead smells like of plastic or chemical

Water Test

Genuine leather absorbs moisture. Just like your skin does. 

Just pour few drops of water on your leather good and then you will be amazed.
These pictures are of a real water test.

Fire Test

We burned a leather swatch for about 5 to 10 seconds. Before the test, the genuine leather swatch was straight and firm

After the test, the genuine leather was slightly molded but didn’t catch the fire and it smell was similar to a burn hair. Unlike, the fake leather smells different and easily catches the fire.

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