Elegant Design

A classic leather wallet made sensational. Exceptional high quality, soft leather and enhanced inner lining, glorifies the classic feel of the wallet with elegant new design.

Genuine Leather

Evalgo® is made of genuine soft leather. Its neatly tanned and stitched with  high quality materials. Its  high standard inner lining makes it more premium and enhances its durability.

Truly one of its kind!

We as a brand emphasize on quality. Each wallet is scrutinized by experts during a mandatory quality check. The soft finish, fine stitching and proper packing are some of key points noted during the quality check. We guarantee, it feels super luxury and very soft in your hand 

We value your gift

Your wallet is securely wrapped in velvet cloth and sealed in a premium rigid box. The box is rock-solid and smooth which makes it a perfect gift.

Introducing Money Clip Wallets

The slim and minimalist design wallet made with great quality and top grain leather. It is the perfect choice for you to carry all your essential cards and good amount of cash without bulking out the wallet.

Ultra Slim Design

Evlago® Money Clip Wallets are made slim and sleek keeping it minimalist in design. It is the best option for you to carry an ultra slim wallet will all your required essentials


We know having more space and a slim wallet are poles apart, but now that problem is gone forever. Evlago® Money Clip Wallets are slim yet spacious enough to carry minimum 10 credit/debit cards and all size currency notes

Premium Quality

We prioritize quality over everything, each Evalgo® Money Clip Wallet is individually scrutinized by experts. It’s premium quality, stainless steel money clip, high grade leather will make it last for years

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How our wallets are different 

quality check by experts

Our products by default are passed through expert quality check to remove if any defected occurred during the production and we make sure that only fine quality reaches you

Slim bi-fold design

Unlike other slim bi-fold wallets, our slim bi-fold wallets comes with a coin pocket. We as a brand value your every need simultaneously maintaining the classic design of a mens wallet

Affordable luxury

Evalgo mens wallets are designed as per the latest trends and retaining its luxury classic design. Our products are luxury and also affordable


Our engineers have made the wallets tough and durable enough to handle minor scratches, now you don’t have to worry about that keys in the same pocket. 


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